Les négations

The basic negation simply requires ne and pas around the conjugated verb. When followed by a noun, the article is always de.

For example:
Je ne mange pas de tomates. I don't eat tomatoes.
Tu n'aimes pas la neige. You don't like snow.

Rien and personne are some pronouns that can be used to show negation. These negatives are placed in the normal subject or object position, and ne is still placed before the verb.

For example:
Je ne vois rien. I see nothing or we might say I don't see anything.
Rien n'arrive ici. Nothing happens here.
Il n'aime personne. He loves no one or we might say He doesn't love anyone.
Personne ne va à ce concert. Nobody is going to this concert.

Some other negation examples are shown in the chart below, which can also be found on page 45.

ne [verb] pas du tout not at all
ne [verb] plus no longer
ne [verb] jamais never
ne [verb] rien nothing
ne [verb] personne no one
ne [verb] pas encore not yet
ne [verb] ni [noun] ni [noun] neither nor
ne [verb] que only
ne [verb] nulle part nowhere